Sunday, January 09, 2005

Back to the trails...

Did I really think I could go several months without running? :) This past week I decided to get outside and start moving again, specifically for two main reasons; first- I ate my weight in wonderfully delicious holiday treats over the holidays and two- I simply missed running.

Although I had been dreaming about how wonderful it would be to be out on the trails again, my imagination had me fooled. I can barely run two minutes before I am completely out of breath and I feel like I am the rusty tin man from the Wizard of Oz. My running form from several months ago has been replaced by an awkwardness in my form. Yet I must admit...despite the complaints, it is great to be outside again!!

My new plan is run a few days a week until the end of January (as long is the weather is above freezing) and then I will re-asses my goals when the semester begins.

I hope you have all stayed safe and warm, and enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with your families. Happy Trails in 2005 RBF!

Monday - 28 minutes (total miles = I am to ashamed to admit.)
Tuesday - 28 minutes
Wednesday - 28 minutes
Thursday - below freezing/no running
Friday - I played in the snow for over an hour with the kids I was baby sitting for. That has to count for something right?
Saturday - below freezing/no running
Sunday - 27 minutes

Good Luck to Michelle who is running the Disney Marathon today!!!


brent said...

hey welcome back!

Jank said...

Don't feel so bad - there are a bunch of us who took off between Halloween and New Year. Great to hear you're back; hope the semester worked out, and best wishes.

susie said...

Glad you are back April Anne. And thanks for the tip about Coventry. I will check it out for sure!!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

oooiiilll caaaaannnnn, oooiiiillll caaannnnn.


Good to see you back, April Anne. Hop eyou have time for more posting and running this semester.

jeff said...

glad you're back at it, april!

don't worry about distance or pace for now, just enjoy being out there and getting the body used to being mobile again. take it slow and enjoy yourself!

bugdozer said...

No running below freezing?!? You need to get yourself some good tech gear! Impress drivers and walkers by being a total bad-ass in winter.

No, seriously, some of my best runs have been when it's really cold. Give it a shot.

Mark I. said...

Welcome back!!!!!!