Friday, October 15, 2004

The Rainy Run

10/15 ~ 7 miles, 57.13 minutes
The sky didn't look very promising, with dark gloomy clouds lurking about, but I was determined to meet Amy for a run. As fate would have it, as I pulled into the parking lot it started to rain. We still decided to venture out, but we took a route along a few back roads instead of hitting the trails.

It was my first long run since last Saturdays race. I expected to be in great condition, but instead I was really challenged. Ironically, the first half was more difficult. I felt like a turtle pushing it to the max, trying to keep up and unsuccessfully attempting to carry on a conversation. Even though we were not able to talk a lot, it made a huge difference just having some one there. Running partners are the best.

10/14 ~ rest

10/13 ~ 3 miles in the woods, 28.16 minutes


Anonymous said...

Loved the race picture, and nice job on the recent runs! -Dani,,

Susan said...

I so agree with you--running with old friends makes all the difference. Or, as I just discovered, running with new friends can also be a great help:)