Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Race of a Lifetime

October 3rd
What a day! I woke up before my alarm went off, with the sun shining in my window (the absolute best way to wake up). I had enough time to slowly get ready and relax before heading off to the Coventry Fall Classic 4 Mile Race. When I arrived at the race, I felt really good. Ironically, the day before I was on the road all day, so I had fast food for lunch and dinner....not the best way to prepare for a race. :) The weather was perfect. It was clear and sunny, in the mid 60's. The race started on time, with the sound of a cannon boom. I was completely unsure how to pace myself for a 4 mile run, so I started off a little too fast and tried to quickly settle into a steady pace. The course went around a quaint, country neighborhood, in the midst of fall foliage. It was a beautiful route, and in the future, I would definitely consider moving to Coventry to raise my family. The course was ideal, primarily flat besides mile three which had a gradual hill. I was actually able to pass another girl in my division on the hill. (All those hill work-outs finally paid off!). I felt really good the entire time, and I had a small kick left at the end. When I heard a guy from the loud speaker announce, "Here comes our first female runner" I was in complete shock. Was he really talking about me? Or was there another girl in front of me? Before I knew it, I arrived at the finish line, and they had a ribbon for me to run through-I really was the first girl to finish. It was an experience I will never forget, which may never happen again. After I finished, I could not stop smiling. Even though it was only a small country race, with maybe 50 runners, I felt like I had climbed Mt. Everest. :) Later on, I received a pottery canister and a gift certificate for a massage. Oh my....I can't wait to use that certificate! :) What a wonderful day! :)

October 2nd

October 1st
Miles - 10.1, Time - 1:31.18


Mike Paus said...

Way to go April-Anne! That's so cool! I couldn't even imagine how you must feel because I've never really won anything. I'm very proud of you!

Marshall said...

Wow! Incredible! Way to go and congratulations. How awesome to win! You must be very proud.

Nice work and nice race report. All that "women in the woods" training is paying off!

Running Chick said...

wow wow wow....that is sooo awesome! I wish I could have been there with race wasn't the same without you! I'm so proud and excited for you...the first woman...holy cow! Hooray for April! (does this mean you BEAT my arch-nemesis?)

ncmunchkin said...

Very very cool. Congrats on a great race. Now, you know this will happen again so don't start thinking it won't. All your hard word has certainly paid off.

Susan said...

What a great feeling that must have been!! Way to go:) You deserve to feel elated and proud.

Mark I. said...

WOW! You totally SMOKED April-Anne! Way to go. Rah rah rah. Nice. :)