Friday, September 03, 2004

I Love this Weekend!

~ I got in a quick 38 minute run today. I was planning on taking a shorter route, but the weather was so nice, I had to go a little longer.
~ This weekend is going to be crazy and fun. The fair is in town, my house is packed with company, my cousins baby is being dedicated on Sunday and my first big race is on Monday. I am so excited, I can't hardly wait!!! :) :)
~ Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone! (Enjoy the weather and go for a long/relaxing run on Monday!) :)

2.5 mile track work out on a most beautiful day.
Time - 19.46

A fun trail run with Dianna and Michelle.
Time: 49.30 Miles: 5ish

My night course was dismissed early which allowed me the time to complete one last long run before Mondays race. I did a little trail running and I ventured out to discover new roads surrounding the campus. The first hour was fine, but after that I started getting really bored. Like Dianna and other bloggers have shared, I'm starting to think that audio books just might be a good idea!
Time: 1:30.11
Miles: ? (maybe 9)
Results: Still feeling good. No Pains-No Problems!


Michelle said...

I have to agree with you on the great weather for running! Rest up and see you on Mon. morning!

ncmunchkin said...

Sounds like a really nice week. I hope that the weather up there is really nice for you all weekend. Good luck in your race on Monday too!

Unfortunately, Frances is going to affect our weather here. I just hope Florida holds on tightly while getting hit and that the remnants aren't too bad here. NC has been soaked for about a month and I really don't think the rivers and lakes can take much more.