Friday, August 13, 2004


I'm ready for tomorrow (the Deary Memorial 5-mile Race)! I had a large bowl of pasta for dinner and I've been drinking a lot of liquids. I did a slow and easy run tonight and power walked up the hills. (I told myself I was power walking to save energy for the race, but in reality, I was just being lazy) :) :) This afternoon, Jane dropped off my race number and "free" t-shirt, and let's face it--the real reason why we all race is for the free t-shirt, right? (because we don't already have stacks of them in our closets) LOL :) ~ My goal for every race is simply to finish the course. Specifically, I would love to beat my time from last year. I feel more prepared this year and I know Dianna will be there, so I'm hoping to keep up with her planned 8 minute mile pace. ~ Good Luck to any one else who may be racing this weekend, may you out run the humidity!! :)

Time: exactly 30 minutes
Miles: 3ish
Results: slow/easy run (after two minutes into the run, I had a slightly weird pain in my right knee, but I kept running and within a few minutes it went away--good thing!)


Richard said...

Well... how did it go?