Thursday, August 12, 2004

New Trail

Thursday: I ran on a new trail tonight. I heard about the trail at work and was extremely excited to check it out. After work I jumped in my car and quickly found the park where the trail was located. Parts of the trail had not been cleared for awhile, so I was jumping over fallen tree logs and running through grass up to my knees (don't worry--I did a major tic check after the run) but was a good trail. It was on the shorter side, so I had to run the trail twice and then do a little extra running around the park.
Nature Observation: one deer, and one chipmunk type thing--maybe it was squirrel. All I know-is that it was Fast! :)
Time: 40.16
Miles: ?
Results: a good run, but the hills were killing me!

Wednesday: I took a training "day off". After work I met some friends at a coffee shop/cafe. We had a fun time and the food was delicious!!

Tuesday: I met Dianna and Michelle for a quick 3 mile tempo run, and as always, it just flew by!


Running Chick said...

So where IS this new trail?!

Michelle said...

I'm curious too!

Mark I. said...

It's amazing how a running buddy will make the time WIZ by!

april anne said...

The trail is in Thompson, at Quaddick State Park. I just added the link to my post, so you can check it out, if you are interested. (Although....I wouldn't really recommend it. If you're going to be in Thompson, I would recommend the trails at the Dam--they are cleared and the scenery is beautiful.) :)