Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Race Results

August 29th
When I looked up the weather online an hour before heading to the Brooklyn Fair 5k race and saw that it was already, "70 degrees, hazy, with 94% humidity" I knew it was going to be a difficult race, but in the was a success. Despite the weather and "gentle rolling hills of New England" (which aren't so gentle!) I was able to finish the course. I ran with Dianna for the first 2 miles-ish and I felt like we were really speeding along until the last water stop, when I knew I couldn't keep the pace and had to slow down. At the end I had a little kick left, and crossed the finish line--still breathing and alive! :)
An hour later, as Dianna and I were walking back to the parking lot we both realized that we were feeling good--considering we had just run a 5K race in crazy humidity.
* I really don't understand how all my long and slow runs actually prepare my body for short and quick races, but it I will leave my question happily un-answered! :)

August 30th
Fall semester has arrived which unfortunately means less posting and less commenting. :( (Booo!) Yet on a positive note, it means that fall weather is just around the corner-perfect running weather and as Mark said, "For me, running in the fall is like eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner".

- 45 minute slow and relaxed trail run at the hollow, miles = ?


ncmunchkin said...

Good luck with school this semester. Hopefully you still have enough time to keep up with running and at least update us once a week.