Saturday, August 07, 2004

Passion For Running

Saturday- What a great day! I met Dianna and Michelle for today's long run. Michelle and I ran 6 miles with Dianna and then Dianna headed out for another 4 miles, as we cooled down. The weather was absolutely perfect, it was a good running route, and the time flew by (55.34)! I still can't believe it was six miles. Whenever you get three girls together--there is always something to talk about! :) ~ I love the fact that three people from different lives and backgrounds (a thirty-something running chick, a married/mother of one, and a single college student) can get together for a great time, because we all have the same passion in common. We all have a passion for running. It's the same passion that can bring 10,000 very diverse people together, to run for a common cause in a race, and not only get along, but also appreciate and accept each other, and become friends. ~ One of the joys of racing, is meeting new people who share your same passion. I am so thankful for the all the racing friends I have met along the way! :)

Friday- Despite the fact that I said I wouldn't go back to Mashamoquet, the roads around house I'm staying at, are not very safe, so I decided to head back and try the red trail. It was definitely better than the blue trail, because it was less steep and I didn't have to stop to walk over rock formations this time. ~ On the way back to my car, I was trying to run fast and I tripped over a rock. It was a strange "trip" because it felt like I was tripping in slow motion and I was able to catch my balance just before I hit the ground-lucky me. :) (Beautiful night, 35 minutes, 3.67 miles)

Thursday- Day Off (Hooray!)

Wednesday- an exercise video in the AC! :) (10 minutes sports conditioning & 10 minutes kick boxing)


Mark I. said...

That sure validates the title of my blog!!!