Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let It Snow!

A double winter storm hit Connecticut this weekend. School was cancelled Friday, church was cancelled today and it looks like school might be cancelled again tomorrow. Instead of being stuck inside all weekend, I took my snowshoes out of storage and hit the trails twice. The trails were peaceful and beautiful. It felt great to make my heart and lungs work hard, since they have been on 'vacation' since Thanksgiving. :)

Thankfully, Pajama Day at school wasn't cancelled this year. It's one of the students favorite days of the year (and mine too). I watched Oprah on Friday and she said that 85% of Americans hate their job. I couldn't believe it. I am blessed to have an amazing job that I LOVE!


Joe said...

Three straight snow days!! Very cool!! And good for you to get the snowshoes out!!!

Hang in there with the running... even more important than running is keeping fit... do find something that works!!

Anonymous said...

I always LOVE pajama day!!

And good for you for getting out your snowshoes!!!

:) kia

David said...

Pajama day is a good day especially if I don't have to leave the house.

I have moved. Come visit