Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Running of late has been sparse, but I'm okay with that. The winter/holiday season is my time to decrease miles and focus on other things like yoga and cross country skiing.

I registered for a fun race on Thanksgiving morning. Last year I jogged/walked it with a college friend and we plan to do the same thing this year with a few more college friends. I can't wait.

Lastly, please excuse this complaining session but I'm very frustrated right now. Please don't get me wrong---I love my job! There simply is no greater joy than watching my students progress socially/academically. However, I HATE teaching to a test. The standardized Connecticut Mastery Test is about to kill me and suck all the joy out of teaching my little 8 year olds.

This e-mail from administration said it all. sigh.....

Please be sure that you have generated a review calendar for CMT skills. Between now and the start of CMTs (not until spring) there should be time spent everyday devoted to reviewing the strands and ensuring that all students have exposure to the format and the language of the test. I know that we don’t like to “teach to the test” however, this is the reality of Connecticut schools and we must make every effort to ensure that all children have the greatest chance of experiencing success.


David said...

As an administrator who knows nothing about teaching I feel your pain. I have wondered: if the test is meant to measure the little one's grasp of the standards set by the state as acceptable levels of grade education; and the standards are supposed to represent the will of the people to see that little Johnny and Julie are taught prescribed levels of education; then where is the disconnect? As a teacher, are you teaching to the standards or not? If so, then the test takes care of itself. If not, then what are you teaching them?
That's a rhetorical question.

Jank said...