Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Verdict Is In For The Knee Pain

Lyme Disease.
At least that is what my doctor thinks.
Do I believe it?
Not for a minute.
The results of my blood work will be back in a week.

Don’t forget to send good luck wishes to Flipper. She will be running the Hartford Marathon this weekend.

Can I continue bragging about my job? I absolutely love it! My dream has come true!


brent said...

huh? that seems like a weird diagnosis for knee pain doesn't it? keep us up to date. glad the job is going well!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Knee pain from Lyme disease? That's weird. I hope its not. Hope it clears up either way, April Anne.

david said...

How much do you want to bet the person who went in before you mentioned lyme disease and the doc thought he could use that on the next weird situation he couldn't diagnose?

On the other hand, he may be right.

Scott said...

Hi April,
I jsut thought of something that may help. There is a company called CWX. They make tights with special support panels for your legs. We have had nothing but very positive feed back. One of the tights they make is designed for knee/IT band support. You can get full length or capri (3/4). They are a bit expensive ($60-$70). They also make one for lower back and hamstrings. You will know the diffence by price. The lower back tights are around $95! If you decide to try them here is a very important tip: buy one size smaller than you would normally wear. They will be TIGHT!. Fitted this way they will provide max support. Your legs will almost feel springy. Plus when people ask what size you wear you can give your CWX size!
This popped into my head because I was wearing mine today (hamstring for me) on a hilly trail run. If you have trouble finding them (you shouldn't) let me know, I can help. Take care.

brent said...

hi april anne! i loved the big calculator idea! that is awesome that you remembered :) if i can find it i might do it! i haven't seen anything cool this year that might fit the bill. i hope you and your family have a great Christmas!!! how's the knee? take care aa!