Monday, July 03, 2006

It's a new day!

Instead of making new years resolutions on January 1st, several years ago I read an article in Time magazine which inspired me to start July 1st resolutions. I read a quote by Nancy Gibbs which said, "The time to turn over a new leaf is when the leaves are full."
I later wrote in my blog, "Today is a beautiful day, flowers are in full bloom and the sun is shining. Today is the day I will "turn over a new leaf" and with that I started my resolutions.

1. start a blog - check
2. train for a half marathon - check
3. eat healthier (give up donuts and soda) - check, 2 years later I am still soda & donut free :)
4. learn how to pace myself while running - I tried

1. train for a marathon - check
2. eat healthier - It's a process, right?
3. donate blood - sadly no
4. take a vitamin everyday - almost every day

1. complete a marathon in 4 hours
2. drink more water
3. volunteer at a race
4. donate blood at least once (hopefully this will be the year)


Anonymous said...

Let me the 1st to wish you good luck with these. Donating blood is pretty painless. Really.

jeff said...

you've suspiciously left out the eating healthy bit, miss i eat two bowls of lucky charms the night before a long run.

don't worry, smsmh and i are working on a 'cookbook' for you.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck on your goals! They sound like good ones! And donating blood really isn't too bad.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

The trick to donating blood is timing it right in your training. Don't want to nuke the long run because you are a pint low.

When my wife was in the hospital she needed two pints and I'm glad somebody out there was donating.

You can do it no sweat, AA. I've donated 13 gallons so far and if a wimp like me can do it, then anybody can.