Monday, May 29, 2006

10K Race Report

85 degrees and sunny---what a perfect day for a race (my favorite running conditions). I hate to sweat, but there is nothing like running in the heat on a bright, sunny day.

I got caught up in race day 'magic' and started out a little fast, but I felt really good. I didn't do a long run this weekend, so my body was rested and prepared. After mile one I found a good pace and tried to maintain that pace until I hit the hill at mile five. Since it was a small town, local race, it was great to be cheered on by people I knew.

I finished with a strong kick and a PR, placing second in my division. Unofficially, my time was 49:19 (about 3 minutes faster than last year). Who needs speed work-outs?!?

The strangest thing I have ever seen during a race occurred during mile three. All of the sudden I smelled smoke and I thought, one of the spectators must be sitting on their porch smoking. I quickly noticed that a runner, a few people in front of me was SMOKING and running at the same time. How is that possible? And, how can he be ahead of me? I wish I had a camera with me. No one is ever going to believe me. There he goes again, another puff and he's still running. I must be on candid-camera.

Happy Memorial Day!


Anonymous said...

SMOKING & running. Isn't that an oxymoran?

Scott D. said...

I also ran this race today. I can tell you there was plenty of smoking going on, on the course. I smoked the first two miles today, very fast(10:05)way too fast. Then I mantained a constant pace over the next 3 mile, 5:45 ppm. Then hit the HILL. I got up the first half of the hill, fine. Then the last half of the hill drained me. I thought I was on death march. The ended up going from mile 5 to mile 6 in 7:14. I ended up winning this race by alot. I wish I would have taken it a little easy.

Great job on your PR. I missed my PR by 13 seconds. You finished in front of my running partners. Great job.
Scott D.

Jack said...

Congratulations on the PR. At my 50K race the other day one of the participants was smoking up a storm right before the race. He admitted that it slows him down.

a.maria said...

hey... can't wait to meet you this weekend!!!! hoorah! have a great last few days before marathon weekend!

Jessica Deline said...

Wow. that would be a picture.. running and smoking!! Enjoy yourself and have fun this weekend!!

Wobbly man said...

Woohoo!! A 3 minute PR - Gotta be happy with that baby!