Monday, April 24, 2006

It’s All About the Numbers

Since starting this running blog I have used three pairs of sneakers and as of tomorrow, I will be on my fourth pair. I can’t wait! I love getting new sneakers (or runners as the Canadians call them). :) It’s time to say goodbye to my Asics GT-2100s. They will be missed, but not for long since I bought the exact same pair to replace them—same size, same color, same everything. The Asics 2100s have served me well.....on hot pavement, river crossings, wet cement, muddy trails, and over hills. Right now I am looking forward to the adventures I will run in my new sneakers!

~the numbers~
*New Balance All Terrain 602s – 702 running miles
*Nikes – 640 running miles
*Asics GT 2100s - 602 running miles


ShoreTurtle said...

You definitely get your money's worth.. wow! What kind are your new sneaks?

susie said...

Don't you love the term "runners?" Have fun in the new ones:)

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Holy moly! I'd say those runners are just about done.

David said...

You must not touch the ground very much if you can get 600+ miles out of a pair of sneaks.

brent said...

shhhh i signed up for m#2 but i haven't committed to it, my knee has been bothering me. it hurt from mile #2 through the end of my 10k, boooo. i gotta get that checked out or at least get some sort of brace to run with. i'm not sure if its ITB or runner's knee. its hard to figure out where the pain is coming from. its either above my knee cap or below it, or something. boohoo! anyway, once i figure out what is going on, then i will feel more confident in my serious m#2 training again! :) great job on all of your training lately, you and d are kicking butt.