Sunday, January 30, 2005

Updated Directory

This past week/weekend have been crazy busy so I have not had a lot of time to run, but hopefully that will change this week. My running stop watch stopped working on Saturday, so I plan to buy a new one this week. I also have to buy a new pair of running sun glasses, because mine cracked a few weeks ago (during one of my runs on an extremely cold day). Other than that, all is going well and I will hopefully have a more exciting post next weekend (and hopefully some pics. too!)

Please don't forget to check out the Running Blog Family directory. It was just updated. (Thank you Mark!)

Monday - None
Tuesday - 26.43 minutes
Wednesday - 30 minutes
Thursday - 4 miles on the 'mill
Friday - None
Saturday - 27 minutes
Sunday - None


Jank said...

3 days outside? I feel like such a wuss.

Hope teaching is going well. It's something I always have kind of wished I could convince myself to do. Watching the light go on with kids is probably the greatest feeling in the world (My best job ever was teaching rock climbing at a summer camp).

brent said...

wow 4 days of running, that is most excellent! i too am an outdoor running-in-the-cold wuss :-)

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Looks like you had a good week to me. I could use some real running shades myself. I need ones with 100% UV block, and also they need to be polarized. Its tough to find both for less than $50.

Kia said...

Awesome job w/ the running. I just remembered I told Dawn that I'd check my email this morning in case you had any more ?s about your class... What was I thinking that I would remember something before sorry!!! And I can't check from work, so I am writing this not even knowing if you emailed me or not. Anyhow, I hope your are happy w/ whatever decision you made. I'm sure you'll do great either way...Don't stress over it.

Keep up the will be May before you know it and student teaching will be over...enjoy the experience.


ps-I still wish you were MY student teacher!!!

Dawnuella said...

hey, you should check ebay for the glasses and watch. who knows? maybe you'll get a bargain! Gotta love ebay! ;-) he..he..

susie said...

I agree with Jank. It's been a great ride for me all these years. You will love having your own class one day!