Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The News

I am finally back to Blog Land again! :) I have a lot of things to say but I will try to sum everything up with a few quick points.

First the good news....
1. I found my way out of the running rut although I am not ready go back to my race training schedule. For now I plan to run every other day (three to five miles) and once a week go for a long run (five to ten miles).
2. I received permission from the Dean to be involved in an internship/assistant position for next fall. Guess what class it will be for? Adventure Running! How exciting, I can't wait!
3. My Road Id tag came in the mail.

And now for the not so good news...
1. I still don't have a new pair of sneakers, but I am still looking.
2. I haven't met the running chicks in forever it seems.
3. Last Friday when I went running I was bit by a dog. The dog left a very small mark on my arm, but it did break my skin, so I am on antibiotics as a precaution. (Stupid Dog!)


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

And the dog is?....dead?

Running Chick said...

I loved all your good news! How exciting...Adventure running! You'll get to learn some new trails!

My running mojo is all out of whack and I think it's related to the lack of runnning with the chicks. I don't even care if we get to run in the woods at this point...I just need my chicks back!

And OH NO! You got BIT! That's terrible!!! Michelle will be very unhappy to read about that!

Deene said...

Congrats on your internship position.
Damn the stupid dog.

Michelle said...

April-Anne- My worst nightmare happened to you!!! Running chicks will have to get back on schedule see you on sunday?!

april anne said...

Jon-the dog is still alive. I didn't call the animal patrol because I felt bad for the old lady. I have been thinking that I probably should should call them so they have a record of the bite, in case it happens again. ~Yieks I hope not!

Mark I. said...

wow! From rags to riches huh? Everything is cool in April-Anne's world! Well, everything except that bite. Ouch.

Yay for you!